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There is no better income than passive income. The feeling you get when you open your eyes in the morning and see emails addressing your company, enquiring about new offers, is amazing! However, it's not something that everyone experiences. Work with me, and I can assure you that your conversion rate will increase.

 Welcome! I am Fredrick Little a Healthcare Blogger and Copywriter specializing in sales writing and web design. My expertise includes but is not limited to writing sales letters, website pages, video scripts, blog posts, and articles. I have a background in biology and biomedical engineering. My education provides me with a special understanding of Health-related products. This understanding paired with the skills I have developed allows me to convey just how important your product and or services are to potential buyers.

Why should I hire you? 

Specialization is the heartbeat of commerce! It allows for significant amounts of growth. The learning, speed of production, and quality of products are all affected when individuals specialize. There are many people with a diverse array of skill sets but the time it takes to produce a quality product and the effectiveness of producing a product is influence by the time one spends honing their craft. 

The time you spend writing your own sales page is time that could be spent helping others and making money. My services will provide the extra push that distinguishes you from the competition. Words are powerful and a good wordsmith has the ability to harness that power, influencing others to act.

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